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How to Get the Most out of Your Auto Insurance in FL

If you own a car, auto insurance is a necessity. While many of us lament spending the money for insurance each month, there will inevitably be times in your life when you’ll be thankful to be insured. Make that monthly bill easier to swallow by learning the facts about your insurance policy and discovering some great discounts that you might be eligible for.

Why Get Insured?

Insurance is a necessity for anyone who is driving according to Paying for insurance means paying for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if you are ever involved in an accident, your car repairs and medical bills will be covered. It also means that if the person you are involved in an accident with is not properly insured, you won’t be stuck with the bill. Insurance is not only a necessity, but a way to hit the road with confidence.

Creating Your Policy

The process of getting an insurance policy isn’t as difficult as you might think. Find an insurance agent that you trust and sit down for a conversation that will help you to understand what your policy includes. An insurance agent will be able to give you all of the information you need and can help to explain any terms and conditions that you might not understand. When you leave a meeting with your insurance agent, you should have a good understanding of your policy. You’ll also know exactly how much you’ll be paying and whether you’re eligible for discounts.

What You’ll Pay

There are two costs associated with insurance policies: premiums and deductibles. The premium is the amount that you’ll pay each month to stay insured. This number will depend on a number of factors including your age, marital status, driving record, and the type of car that you choose to insure. The other cost to know about it your deductible. This is the amount that you’ll pay for repairs or medical costs before your insurance kicks in. For example, let’s say you have a $100 deductible and you are in an accident causing $500 of damage. You will pay the first $100 and your insurance will pay the remaining $400. After calculating the costs, be sure to ask about ways that you can save.

Safe Driver Discounts

Most insurance companies offer some type of discount for those who have a good driving record. This is a time when being a safe driver can really pay off. Having a clean record can take a lot of money off of the premium that you’ll pay. It shows your insurance company that you know what you’re doing behind the wheel. This is important as it lets the company know that you won’t be a high risk client that will be turning in claims time and time again.

Student Discounts

Are you a high school or college student? Are you the parent of a child in high school or college and including that child on your insurance policy? If so, ask about student discounts for your insurance premium. Many insurance companies love to recognize excellent students and reward good grades. Bring in proof of your good grades and find out if you’re eligible for discounts.

Discounts for Classes and Courses

Many have had to take a driver’s safety course before getting a driver’s license. Students should take note that this course can be a way to get a discount on insurance. However, as adults, there are even more courses that can be taken to get even more money taken off of premiums. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if there are any classes available for you. Often, these courses are as simple as watching a video and reading a bit of information. This information is valuable in making you a better driver. Not only will you increase your knowledge about specific driving topics, but you’ll also benefit from the insurance discounts.

Multi Policy Discounts

Multi policy discounts will benefit both you and your insurance company. Ask your insurance agent about transferring all of your insurance policies to their agency. This will make things extremely convenient for you. If you ever need to file an insurance claim, you’ll never exactly where to go and who to talk to. Having all of your information in one place will save you time and also save you money if you qualify for a multi policy discount. You insurance company will benefit from the extra business that will come if you bring your additional policies (such as homeowners, renters, or life) to them.

A simple conversation with your insurance agent here may be more beneficial that you thought. Take some time to discuss your options and find out if you’re eligible for some great discounts.

What You Need to Know About Florida Home Insurance When You Don’t Live There

It is a wonderful thing when you reach that time in your life where you are able to purchase a second home.  Sometimes it is for investment purposes, like a rental property or just for leisure like a vacation home. Whatever you need Florida home insurance for, if you don’t plan on making this home your primary one, there are some things you need to know that will allow you to make sure that you have the right coverage and the peace of mind in knowing that should disaster befall your home in Florida, that your policy will back you up financially if you sustain damages.   

If Your Home Is A Rental

In case you didn’t know, the regular homeowners policy in most any state where your property is a rental, vacation-type or otherwise, is not sufficient to satisfy regulations. It is also not enough to take care of business should your property sustain damage at the hands of a renter or a tenant.  These kinds of properties have their own types of policies and you need to know what they are and why you need them. It is not enough to say, “we didn’t know,” to your agent if there is incorrect coverage for your home. The worst thing that can possibly happen is to hear, “your policy does not cover that.”  Get in the know now and check out, before you get left out in the cold.

Now, if you have a second home and every once in a while, say 2 or 3 times a year you rent it out to friends or friends of friends, a regular policy will usually suffice. We’re talking about a rental property that takes in renters on a regular basis.  These are the types of scenarios that the insurance companies will care about and scrutinize for coverage should there be something that happens.

Regular Rentals Require Different Coverage

There are different levels of coverage when you have rental property.  What you need really depends on what you want covered and how much. It also depends on state regulations and your own insurance company’s requirements as well. It is best to sit down with an agent and discuss the particular interests and uses your second home will have to be sure that you are getting the right coverage.  Typical extreme weather conditions in your home’s area need to be considered as well. If your home is subject to hurricane damage, you will need to make sure that you are covered for that and what you need to know about securing your home properly so that you will. Discuss any of those specifics with your agent to be sure that you understand what your responsibility is in the situation of extreme weather conditions.  Below are the usual levels of coverage for a rental property.  

Are There Different Types of Florida Home Insurance?

The first and most basic rental policy is the DP-1 policy.  All this policy usually will cover are the very basics for fire or vandalism, because that can happen in the case of a rental property.  Not everyone who rents from you is going to care about maintaining your home or even make you aware that they’ve damaged anything. The police need to be notified and forms filled out, but you don’t want to be the one left holding the bag if a renter doesn’t do the right thing by you and your house.  All you get with this coverage for damages is the actual value of something. It will likely not cover all that is needed to replace what has been damaged. You will want to discuss this in detail with your agent.  

A DP-2 policy is the second level of coverage for rental property. It covers the basics that you should have in order to rent out your property plus some others.  It covers things like hail damage, sustained damage from a windstorm, the usual fire coverage and also vandalism. Most of the time, these policies will also cover you if a car collides into your home.  

The DP-3 policy is what most homeowners who rent really want when they are seeking coverage on their second home.  This policy is more of an open policy, meaning unless the policy specifically says, “it won’t cover______, ” then it is covered.  It is more money than the other two but the benefit of this type of coverage is that it covers the actual cost of replacement rather than just cash value of something that is depreciated because it was 10 years old when it was damaged.  The difference is significant when you consider the cash value of a 15 year roof versus the cost of paying to replace one with a new one. If you are concerned about out-of-pocket expenses for damages, then this policy is likely the one you are looking for.  Make sure you understand what you are getting before you sign anything.  

Additional Types of Florida Home Insurance To Consider

There are other things to consider taking advantage of for coverage that you may not be aware of.  For instance, if your furnace breaks and needs replacing, that can be a costly expense for your rental property that you will need to pay to have replaced, meanwhile you cannot rent it out while it is broken.  There are types of policies that you can purchase additionally that will cover those expenses so you don’t have to pay them out-of-pocket. There are also policies for loss of rental income, should your home sustain damage and you are not able to rent it out. Landlord’s liability insurance is also available and always advised.  You will want to be protected from slip-and-fall injuries or other types of personal injury claims against you. 

A bit of research here and working with a reputable agent will help you make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities for insurance as a landlord.  It is good to know what is the right coverage and great to have!

Can I receive Florida insurance quotes online?

The internet makes it absolutely effortless to get your hands on as many insurance quote deals as you are interested in sifting through.

A quick Google search will turn up hundreds of thousands of results come on the first page alone. It will help you find dozens and dozens of different offers to pick and choose from. Especially if you factor in all of the different quotes you can get from each individual insurance company.

At the same time, there are some tricks you’ll want to make the most of to be sure that you’re getting only the best Florida insurance quotes at

Use the inside information below to help you hit the ground running!

Get all of your information in order before hunting for quotes

Insurance companies are going to ask a handful of questions during the quote process. As long as you have all of your information handy you should be able to rip right through the quote process without any difficulty whatsoever.

You’ll want to make sure you have your driver’s license, your Social Security number, the VIN number for your vehicle, the information on your title (including the make, model, year, and mileage of the vehicle you are insuring), and any other details you might need to provide your insurance company for the most accurate quote possible.

Understand the kind of coverage you’re looking for to begin with

Finding the best Florida insurance quotes is going to involve you researching multiple different offers at a time. Which will inevitably involve you searching for deals from a number of different companies and organizations.

Not all insurance companies are going to offer the same coverage options at the same prices. You’ll need to be sure that you are comparing apples to apples. That’s going to be determined by you choosing the right kind of coverage for your needs with each and every individual quote.

Understand if you’ll need comprehensive and collision coverage. The kind of ancillary coverage options you might be interested in utilizing, and any umbrella coverage options that you may have to take advantage of depending upon the specific coverage you want to be protecting your vehicle.

Armed with this information above, you’ll have absolutely zero trouble whatsoever finding an online insurance quote in Florida from that helps you protect your vehicle and your finances without breaking your bank account along the way.

It doesn’t get much better than that!